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We made this album, by accident, for you.


released February 14, 2013



all rights reserved



We create music, for ourselves and for you.

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Track Name: Intro
Holding onto my woman and holding onto my hope,
Because I know that one day she’s gonna shake my happy home.

There’s no resolution in her heart that’s oh so cold.
Track Name: Alligator Tightrope
Driving sixteen hours just so you’d know my name,
Knowing all that I know now it seems to me insane.
Do you know my name?
I can’t conceive you caring less about me in sickness or in fame.

So I picked up my feet and started back on down that road,
I’ve seen a lot of crazy things so far away from home.
So on I roam.
And I never seem to receive any of the respect that I’m owed.
Track Name: $hit dollar $huffle
I found ten bucks lying in the drain,
I thought it’d buy me money and fame.
I felt lucky so I chased my dream so,
I bet it away at the old casino.
I lost it all, I lost my game,
Now you’ll see me lying in that very same drain.

I lost it all that much is clear,
But a man with nothing has nothing to fear.
Sounds pretty tough this route I’ve steered,
But a lesson’s not a lesson if the lesson is clear.
So given the chance live without fear,
Like any cowboy with a dumb idea.
Track Name: Homeless Camping
I met a man with a face of stone,
Who needs camping when you got no home?
Got no cash to pay the rent,
The only money I’ve got be heaven sent.
Track Name: Water Hose Rodeo
Forgive me for I have sinned
And now I cannot sleep
Now I’ll get nowhere as time slips by
In a restless creep.

The more I struggle the more I find,
These thoughts they rattle around my mind.

It’s hard, oh so hard,
It’s hard to explain,
But I will straight up kill a man
Before I plead Insane.

It seems my penance keeps me in the past,
While each day seems shorter than the last.

Each dreary case I see leaves me without empathy,
When I’m drowning in a sea of liars, crooks and thieves.

Forgive me for I have sinned
And I feel no remorse.
This confession is of obligation,
My apathy is my curse.
Track Name: Gumblood Shuffle
I’m a rambling man and I travel all alone,
But girl when you look the way you do it shakes me to the bone.
It shakes me to my bones.

You want me?
Well I want you,
If you want me,
You’d better scream.

Hold on sweet girl all I wanted was your clothes,
But you tricked me into feeling and then kicked me from your home.
Tell me girl how it is you can be so cold?
Oh so cold that it shakes me to the bone.
It shakes me to my bones.
Track Name: Raccoon Piss Sloe Jam
A new feeling now is dawning,
And I don’t think I can stay the same.
You spend your evenings pining
And I wish I could say the same.
So whilst one love’s slowly dying,
The other plays its very own game.
So I stand here drunk and smiling
But never seem to find a plain.

This isn’t over, but I can’t think of a single word that will make me feel less about you, even though you do no wrong.

I’m sorry girl for stalling,
But it’s the only way I know.
I’m sorry I could never leave you,
Without saying why I had to go.
And I know you’ll want to hate me,
But please create me a way to take me away from this very same hole.
So I’ll stand here drunk and smiling, and rambling
But never seem to find a home.

I am alone and moved by none, in the heat of a crowd that’s a thousand strong.
Track Name: Beard O' Leeches
I’ve been waiting to meet you girl,
When you come I’ll shave around the features,
They’ve been sucking my blood for years,
I’m going to die with this beard of leaches.

And there’s nothing I can do.

I don’t regret and I don’t repent,
I live by my heart and ignore the preachers
They’ve been sucking my blood for years,
I’m going to die with this beard of leaches
Track Name: Snake River Jump
No cash so we stole a car and rigged a ramp,
Me and my friends gonna jump that lake like a supertramp.
Pay the bills with our stunt skills we aimed high,
Hit the gas from the rocky road into the sky.

I fear no one, I fear, I fear nothing.

Crashed down in a ball of flames all my friends are dead,
If you said would I do it again, I’d do it again.
Got no cash, got no friends, got nothing to lose.
All alone Snake River jump gave me the blues.
Track Name: Bounty Hunter
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,
And by God I’ve scorned a few.
I can see why you’d believe,
I see no wrong in what do.

But oh, oh my love
I’ll have mercy on you.

So I’ll cheat until I get my fill,
Lie until I am through.
I’m sorry darling for the things you’ve seen,
I know not what I do.

But oh, oh my darling,
I’ll be merciful to you.

I find hate in every path I take,
In fact it’s all I see.
I have just one question lord,
In spite of all my deeds.

Oh, oh my lord will you have,
Mercy, mercy on me?

Your rage is understandable; I wrote the book on discontent,
But there’s just no way to refuse a feeling that’s so heaven sent.
I’ve spent a fortune paying dues but that’s not my concern,
I’m the bounty hunter; it’s not a bridge until it’s been burned.
You got a problem? We’ve all got problems.